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Across the USA medical programs, adult-use legalization and decriminalization of cannabis is accelerating rapidly. As the mainstream point-of-view of cannabis continues to improve and evolve across the country we can start to engage in new and exciting dialogues to further our understanding of cannabis and the potential benefits it can have to improve the lives of Americans in a variety of ways.


Adult-Use Cannabis is Here

  • The cannabis products of today are much different than the cannabis products of the past.
  • It can be an overwhelming experience the first time you walk into a dispensary.
  • At our BEYOND / HELLO adult-use dispensaries, our #1 priority is GO Beyond in order to make you feel comfortable and welcome!
  • our exceptionally trained customer care associates are entirely focused on providing all the resources and information needed to help make the product decisions that are right you! One size doesn’t always fit all.
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Know the facts about Adult-Use in Illinois & California

Illinois & California:

21 years of age or older

Illinois & California:
You must present a valid form of government-issued ID w/ photo, that verifies you are over the age of 21 such as: driver’s license, state-issued identification card, passport, military ID, etc.


  • Illinois residents 21 years of age and older can possess:
    • 30g of marijuana flower (smokable marijuana)
    • 5g of “concentrated” forms of marijuana
    • Marijuana-infused products that contain a total of 500mg of THC
  • Non-Illinois residents 21 years of age and older can possess:
    • 15g of marijuana flower (smokable forms of marijuana)
    • 2.5g of “concentrated” forms of marijuana (vape cartridges, live resin, tinctures, capsules, etc)
    • Marijuana-infused products that contain a total of 250mg of THC (i.e. edibles, beverages, etc)
  • All the above-mentioned totals are cumulative, which means persons 21 years of age and older may posses a combination of all categories up to a category’s specific limit(s).


  • California resident or non-resident 21 years of age and older can possess:
    • 1 oz (28.5g) of marijuana flower (smokable forms of marijuana)
    • 8g of “concentrated” forms of marijuana (vape cartridges, live resin, tinctures, capsules, etc)

Always be sure to follow the storage instruction listed on the product(s) that you purchase. Doing so will help to preserve a marijuana product for as long as possible.

All “excise” tax applied to marijuana is unique state by state, often county by county and can even be specific to the potency of the product(s) you are purchasing.

  • To legally transport your marijuana products, whether purchased as a medical patient or adult-use, you must be legally permitted to possess the product.
    • Be a certified medical patient or a register caregiver
    • Over 21 years of age
  • All products must remain sealed, be in its original packaging and inaccessible (out of reach) to the driver.
  • Due to marijuana still being federally prohibited, it is illegal to take any marijuana products from one state to another. Even if that state also has a medical marijuana or an adult-use program. Doing so can result in possible criminal charges.
  • It is illegal to drive under the influence of any substance that is deemed to possibly impact your cognitive abilities. Doing so can subject you to possible criminal charges.
  • Even if you reside in a state with legal marijuana programs, you are not exempt from drug testing administered by employers, doctors, federal/state agencies, etc.

This information is provided for informational purposes and you should always consult your state and local laws.

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