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About BEYOND / HELLO Virginia

BEYOND / HELLO is a medical cannabis dispensary in the Commonwealth of Virginia! At Beyond / Hello, our commitment is to provide best-in-class care to our patients. All of our products are grown and manufactured in Virginia with the highest possible quality standards. We believe in going beyond the transaction to give our patients the best medical cannabis service and product experience possible.

BEYOND / HELLO is the trade name for Dalitso, LLC (“Dalitso”), the Northern Virginia-based medical cannabis pharmaceutical processor awarded conditional approval by the Virginia Board of Pharmacy. Dalitso is majority-owned by Jushi Holdings, Inc. (“Jushi”), a US-based multi-state cannabis operator founded in 2018 with a mission to create an integrated global community of wellness, mindfulness, and connections through superior quality cannabis and hemp-derived products.


The requirement for patient registration was abolished on July 1, 2022, as a result of HB 933/SB 671. Patients will be able to shop at Virginia dispensaries once they have received written certification from a qualified practitioner.

No, effective July 1, 2022, a medical cannabis card is no longer required; instead, an unexpired valid written certification from a Board of Pharmacy-registered practitioner is required. Because only medical cannabis, not recreational cannabis, is allowed in Virginia, one must still produce verification that they are a medical cannabis patient in order to receive medicinal cannabis. 

No. Recreational cannabis is not legal in Virginia.


Virginia legalized medical cannabis. Patients with a written certification from a licensed physician are able to obtain medical cannabis from a dispensary in Virginia. The patient must register with a state-licensed dispensary who will provide the patient with medical cannabis.  To qualify, patients must have an ongoing relationship with a doctor who has determined that medical cannabis would be beneficial to their health.

BEYOND / HELLO accepts debit and cash payments. We have an ATM on-site at all of our locations.

Unfortunately, no. Since cannabis is not legal in Virginia recreationally for sale, but only medically, only VA residents with a medical cannabis card or an unexpired valid written certification from a Board of Pharmacy-registered practitioner can purchase from a VA dispensary. In order to be considered eligible as a medical cannabis patient in Virginia, one of the requirements is that you must be a resident of the state. Out of state medical cards are not recognized in the state of Virginia.


Yes, to purchase cannabis under Virginia law, we are required to ensure that patrons are 21+ and have valid state-issued identification (driver’s license, passport, state ID, etc.). Medical cannabis may be dispensed to minor patients.  However, any practitioner intending to treat a minor patient with botanical cannabis must authorize such use on the written certification form.


Yes, we sell a wide selection of vape products. Check out our Shop Online page, select your local dispensary, and search for vapes to see a list of our vape products.
Check out our Cannabis & Me page. It’s designed to educate people about cannabis, and explores topics such as strains, different ways to consume cannabis, and the effects it has on your endocannabinoid system.


Only approved medical cannabis patients (and their approved caregivers) can purchase cannabis in Virginia, as recreational cannabis is not legal until 2024. The amount of cannabis a medical cannabis patient can purchase is a 90-day supply, which (while ultimately determined by the pharmacist in consultation with the patient) is typically 4 ounces of cannabis flower per 30 days.



Unfortunately no. Only approved caregivers and approved medical cannabis patients 21+ can purchase cannabis products in the state of Virginia. In most cases, you cannot legally give someone cannabis as a gift in Virginia. Virginia Code §18.2-248.1 makes it a crime to give someone else cannabis unless you are authorized to do so by the Drug Control Act.


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* This is general information relating to qualifying as a medical patient, for the specific qualifying process and criteria a prospective patient should contact their applicable state regulator.