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Crystal Skull OG

3C Farms

ORIGIN: Gifted by Moxie
AROMA: Piney, Gas, Skunky
EFFECT: Sedative, Long-Lasting, Heavy, Immediate
STRAIN-MAP: If you want crystal-clear thoughts and insights into your future, this OG strain is for you.
CONSPIRACY: Long thought to exhibit paranormal phenomena, Crystal Skulls have been a popular subject in numerous science fiction films, television shows, novels, and video games. Some even believe crystal skulls lead to miracles. Adventurer and archaeologist Anna Mithcell-Hedges alleges a skull she discovered in 1924 caused visions and could even cure cancer. She claimed that in one of these visions, she was warned of the future assassination of JFK. Shockingly, she even claimed she once used its magical powers to kill a man,
DESCRIPTION: A relatively recent OG descendent, Crystal Skull OG is a highly potent strain that was gifted to 3C farms by Moxie. One of our most pungent strains, Crystal Skull OG has been described as having a mild fuel-like aroma. Like other OG strains, Crystal Skull OG produces relaxing and sedative effects.

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