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Blue Chardonnay [1g]

3C Farms
Pre Roll

GENETICS: Kraken x Berry Noir
ORIGIN: Created by 3C Farms
AROMA: Flowery, Creamy, Grape
EFFECT: Easy Onset, Creative, Euphoric, Long-Lasting
STRAIN-MAP: Ride The Pale Horse With This Pungent Sativa Strain.
CONSPIRACY William Cooper’s modern classic, “Behold A Pale Horse,” is a favorite among conspiracy theorists. In this masterwork, he delves into many subjects, including the JFK assassination, secret governments, and UFO’s.
DESCRIPTION: Blu Chardonnay is one of those strains in the “must-try” category. This aromatic sativa cultivar delivers a blast of wildberry and wildflower aromas as soon as you open the jar. The effects build slowly and are highly euphoric and long-lasting.

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