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Arnica & Clary Sage (250mg CBD/250mg THC)

Humble Flower Co
Relief Balm

Humble Flower Co. is a women-owned and operated company that was founded in Humboldt County, California and is now based in Los Angeles. With a passion for cannabis cultivation and its healing properties, we are committed to creating natural and powerful hemp CBD and cannabis-infused topicals. We pride ourselves in using all-natural and ethically-sourced ingredients, as well as recyclable packaging.

Our spa-quality products are made with hemp CBD and cannabis, cultivated by expert manufacturers. Humble Flower Co. incorporates the healing principles of aromatherapy to provide additional pain-relieving properties to our products. Our topicals give the therapeutic benefits of cannabis in an elegant and discrete package, with minimal scent. Humble Flower Co. strives to create products that are thoughtfully designed, and that are by no means humble in their effectiveness.

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