Yoda OG [250mg]

Disposable Pen
THC 79.3%

CHOICE is our line of strain-specific vaporizables. CO2 extraction and distillation deliver pure activated cannabinoids and terpenes in precise ratios so your customers get the full complexity, flavor, and aroma of well-known therapeutic strains. Yoda OG is a fairly potent, 80/20, Indica-Dominant, evening hybrid descendant of the legendary OG Kush. Named (most likely) because the plant’s buds resemble a popular Science Fiction film character’s head, this heavily relaxing, blissful and hungry, earthy, woody, lemon-furniture-polish strain gradually eases the consumer into a condition in which any movement might be difficult. Effects: nighttime, relaxed, euphoric, sleep aid, pain relief.
Flavors: earth, citrus, chemical.

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