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Orange Creamsicle

Awaken Cartridge
THC 73%
CBD 0.658%

Awaken High-Terpene is a moderate THC high Terpene concentrate that serves a distinctly pleasant euphoria. Awaken your senses and heightened relaxation with complex Terpene flavor. Every year we release a few Gold label selections. When we stumble up that special varietal only our small family farms can produce, or maybe a cup winner, and it’s worthy of the Gold. Orange Creamsicle offers a relatively slow, creeping high. Several minutes after savoring this bud’s unique taste, smokers will feel a constriction of blood vessels around the eyes and temples. Eventually, smokers also notice an uptick in freely-associative thought. Far from intensely cerebral, though, these mental effects are subtle. Users are typically still able to converse or to carry on with any complicated analytical or creative tasks in front of them. As the high wears on, a gradual feeling of physical relaxation creeps in, banishing muscular tension and allowing consumers to breathe more deeply and easily. This combination of mental and physical effects can take the edge off of a long day, eliminating stressors and allowing for some mellow introspective time. Relaxing but not sleepy, Orange Creamsicle rarely leads to couchlock. It is also free from the sharp, disorienting comedown from euphoria that may come with some purer sativas. Because of its versatile and even-handed effects, this bud is as enjoyable for a wake-and-bake as it is for a nighttime treat.

Arcturus Active Hybrid is a moderately strong THC blend that will provide a more energizing and wakeful experience. Enjoy the invigorating potency of the Sativa plant combined with rich aromatic terpene sauce. Stimulate your mind for increased creative flow and upliftment well suited for feeling activated and cerebral.

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