Celebrate Cannabis

Cannabis provides many calls for celebration. We celebrate its beauty, efficacy, resiliency and potential. We celebrate progress, and the positive impact it has had on human health & wellness. Celebrate the jobs it has created and the tax revenue it provides communities. We celebrate its aptitude to unify – to bring people together – people of all ages, beliefs and upbringings.

Verano’s Mission

Verano aims to be the preeminent cannabis brand, and to win the hearts, minds and loyalty of the discerning cannabis consumer.

Verano’s Brands

Verano has it all – or at least something for everyone – covering the full spectrum of cannabis products, categories and platforms for both medical and recreational consumers.

Leveraging world-class genetics and industry-leading grow & process techniques, Verano creates artisanal cannabis products unrivaled in quality, consistency and experience. From their award-winning seeds to our signature aesthetic, at Verano there is an obsessive commitment to quality, evident in each of their products, dispensaries and teams.

Verano brings together savvy operational expertise and inventive product development. These fundamental properties, among others, are driving forces behind Verano’s past, present and future successes.

Since inception, Verano has forged its own path, through a nascent but competitive landscape, working to establish a dominant position across each market it enters.

Alongside an expansive collection of premium brands, products and retail storefronts, Verano has demonstrated efficacy across the seed-to-sale supply chain. Their executive team, led by Co-Founder and CEO George Archos, has extensive operations experience; leveraging lessons hard learned from the hospitality and logistics industries to build a sturdy, profitable bedrock which supports Verano’s rapid and continued growth.

Verano’s dispensaries are designed for comfort and care, as cannabis shopping should be easy and enjoyable. Be it a medical or recreational marketplace, their focus will always be the wellness and satisfaction of customers and communities.

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