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Green Thumb believes in the plant’s potential to improve health, happiness, and comfort. They invest in their people, brands and retail experiences to power a profound shift in well-being. Green Thumb believes in the right to have access, options, and, most importantly, the safest cannabis products available.
  1. People come first
    1. Green Thumb’s people power their company decisions and share a commitment to giving back to the communities they serve
  2. A family of cannabis brands
    1. Green Thumb’s brand portfolio ledas with empathy to meet different preferences and lifestyles
  3. Award-winning national retail
    1. Green Thumb stores prioritize education and explorative experience, shepherded by their People Care Specialists
  4. Forward-thinking investing
    1. Green Thumb aligns today’s opportunities with future-minded impact
  Brands Rythm: premium line of flower, full-spectrum vape and live concentrates that offers a true plant experience  
  • Energize: a breezy buzz for boosting motivation, shaking off fatigue or kickstarting creativity; Sativa ideal for daytime use and demanding tasks
  • Balance: center with a way, easygoing lift that takes the edge off without slowing you down; hybrid for day or night, at home or on-the-go
  • Relax: waves of cozy tranquility for promoting a restful night’s sleep and reducing stress; indica that pairs well with evenings and comfortable furniture
  • Heal: a welcome source of comfort with little to no psychoactive effect; CBD that is a dependable option for those who need daylong relief
  Dogwalkers: inspired by the simple pleasure of leisurely strolls with your four-legged friend; made to enhance any journey, every pre-roll is filled with premium flower, gently finished by hand and present in discreet, convenient packaging
  • 0.35g mini dog pre-rolls
  • 0.75g big dog pre-rolls
Incredibles: with over a decade of experience in cannabis confection, incredibles has grown to be one of Colorado’s most awarded edibles brands
  • Chocolatey bars
    • Peanut Budda Buddha
    • Mile High Mint
    • Strawberry Crunch
    • Black Cherry + CBD (1:1)
  • Gummies
    • Strahhhberry + CBD (1:1)
    • Greener Apple
    • Summer Peach
    • Mon Cherry
    • Watermelon Smash
  • Tarts & Mints micro-doses
    • Fruit Trio
    • Mints
Beboe: originally designed for social dosing, Beboe cultivates pure, potent cannabis products from rose gold pens to pastilles; named “The Hermes of Marijuana” by the New York Times
  • Sativa vape pen
    • 47-51% THC, 1-5% CBD
  • Sativa pastilles
    • 5mg THC & 3mg CBD
  • Indica pastilles
    • 10mg CBD & 3mg THC
  • Indica vape pen
    • 47-51% THC, 1-5% CBD
  • CBD blend vape pen
Beboe Therapies: powerful, active botanicals meet the magic of full-spectrum CBD for the world’s finest plant-based skincare
  • High Potency CBD face serum
  • High Potency CBD body balm
  • High Potency CBD face cream
  • High Potency CBD face mask
Dr. Solomon’s: reliable medical cannabis products that deliver advanced relief and improve quality of life
  • Transdermal Lotion
  • Transdermal Salve
  • Capsules
    • 2:1 CBD rich, 300mg
    • THC rich, 100mg
    • 1:1 CBN rich, 200mg
  • Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)
    • THC rich, 1g
    • 1:1 CBD:THC, 1g
    • 10:1 CBD:THC, 1g
The Feel Collection: a catalyst of natural ingredients infused with just the right amount of cannabis to make every day a little more exciting
  • Feel Relaxed Indica tincture, 100mg THC
  • Feel Healed CBD tincture, 300mg CBD & low THC
  • Feel Dreamy CBN:THC tincture, 1:1
  • Feel Comfort CBD:THC tincture, 2:1 CBD:THC
  • Feel Energized Sativa tincture, 100mg THC
  Retail Brands Rise: where America shops for cannabis Essence: a boutique cannabis experience 3C Compassionate Care Center: roots in medical cannabis Bluepoint: patient centered, service focused in Connecticut FP Wellness: New York medical cannabis
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