AbsoluteXtracts—ABX—is a homegrown Northern California company committed to providing Californians with pure and potent cannabis concentrates.

These cannabis plant-starts are grown in greenhouses and on small family farms throughout Northern California. When ready, they’re harvested and transported to Santa Rosa for processing.

The plant materials are tested for pesticides, molds and bacteria. After passing inspection, the herb is dried, cured and processed in a pharmaceutical grade “clean” room.

AbsoluteXtracts uses clean, high pressure carbon dioxide at low temperatures to extract the cannabis oil. They employ proprietary methods to preserve the terpenes that give each strain its distinctive smell and flavor.

AbsoluteXtracts package their cannabis oil in their own specially made cartridges that are designed to ensure easy flow and a reliable draw. AbsoluteXtracts add absolutely no additives.

AbsoluteXtracts Products

VAPE Strains

ABX is the leader in strain-specific, full-spectrum cannabis oil vape cartridges. 100% pure cannabis oil, available in CCELL technology. CCELL technology offers improved flavor, consistent hits, and lets you experience the quality of ABX full-spectrum cannabis oil at the next level.

No additives or artificial flavors. Grown in California and cleanly extracted using a proprietary supercritical CO2 method.

Sativa Dominant


Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid of Blueberry Indica and Sativa Haze. People report swift balancing and refreshing effects, making it popular to enjoy during the day for calm, focus, and uplifting relief.


Blue Tahoe OG is a 50/50 hybrid of Tahoe OG Kush and Blueberry. With a unique flavor of freshly-picked berries, it starts off with an energetic lift that launches your mood and mind into the clouds. This cerebral high morphs into a long-lasting relaxation without feeling “couch locked.”

Jack Herer

Named after renowned cannabis activist and author, Jack Herer is elevating and creativity enhancing. Its stimulating and joyous sativa-sensory dominant effects set the scene for profound aromatics and flavors of citrus.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is an energizing sativa that gets its name from its pungent diesel-like aroma. People report invigorating and uplifting cerebral effects, making it great for relief when you need to be active.

Indica Dominant

Blackberry Kush

Ideal for canna-curious individuals or on-the-go travelers. No charger or cartridge attachments necessary. Blackberry Kush is a notable strain due to its sweet taste but with the strong effects associated with indica. The strong relaxation can be felt throughout the entire body. Soothing, tranquil relief.

Grand Daddy Purp

Grand Daddy Purple (GDP) is an Indica-sensory dominant strain with hints of lavender, grape, and honey sweetness. People report enjoying GDP for calming, gentle mental stimulation. Excellent for relaxing without a lot of sedation.


Introducing Loud+Clear! Formulated with strain-specific live resin and high-THC cannabis oil. Looking to turn up your vaping experience? With a baseline of 80% THC potency, Loud+Clear is the go-to choice for cannabis lovers who want to pump up their vibes. Taste and experience the difference with Loud+Clear.

  • High-THC potency live resin cartridges
  • Blend of live resin and high-THC cannabis oil
  • Available in 5 strain-specific cartridges

Forbidden Fruit

Chill • Relax • Rest


With cherry undertones, tropical flavors, and notes of passionfruit, Forbidden Fruit will satisfy any sweet tooth while bringing deep indica effects. Hitting between the eyes, this offspring of Cherry Pie and Tangie is deeply relaxing.

Lemon Cake

Uplift • Cerebral • Chill

Sativa Hybrid

Lemon Cake is a sativa-dominant hybrid with uplifting cerebral effects. Strong notes of citrus and tranquil euphoric relief make LemonCake a fan favorite.

Blue City Diesel

Cerebral • Uplift • Euphoric

Sativa Hybrid

Blue City Diesel is a hybrid that provides a pleasant, moderately long body buzz. Rocking a light berry aroma that is smooth and expansive,, this strain is optimal for daytime vibes.

Gorilla Snacks

Chill • Relax • Rest

Indica Hybrid

Reach for Gorilla Snacks when you need to kick back and chill, as this strains powerful buzz may steer you away from strenuous mental or physical activity (i.e. no mosh pits). Gorilla Snacks has pungent notes of pine, herbs, and sweetness.


Uplift • Social • Focus

Sativa Hybrid

SFV OG is a crowd-pleasing, sativa-dominant OG hybrid that doesn’t leave you couch-locked. Pine and lemon flavors with full body relief put SFV OG at the top of the charts.

Sleepy Time

A good night’s sleep is critical for maintaining peak performance and overall wellness. ABX Sleepy Time is formulated with potent THC and a supporting blend of terpenes designed to support a restful night.

Available in soft gels, vape cartridges, and sublingual drops.

Find Sleepy Time at a licensed dispensary near you using the locator map below.

Blueberry Lavender Cannabis Gummies

5mg THC/piece and 2mg CBD/piece | 20 pieces | 100mg THC total and 40mg CBN total



450mg of potent THC and a supporting blend of terpenes designed to promote restful slumber.


10 & 30 count

Premium distillate cannabis oil and MCT coconut oil to aid absorption for optimal benefits, in easy-to-consume gel capsules. Ideal for precise dosing.

VAPE Cartridges


Premium, potent distillate cannabis oil and a supporting blend of cannabis terpenes. Ideal for a fast effect.

ABX Live Resin

ABX Live features seasonally fresh live resin in a wide variety of applications. ABX Live captures the essence of each season’s fresh harvest and delivers award-winning formulations for cannabis tastemakers seeking exclusive, true-to-flower cannabis experiences.

  • Fresh highlights for every season
  • Select strains from master breeders, lifetime cultivators,and award-winning formulators
  • Strain-specific
  • Full-spectrum, robust cannabinoid and terpene profile
  • Available in concentrates, pods, and cartridges
ABX Live Products


Strain-Specific • Seasonally-Fresh

Sativa • Indica • Hybrid

Available strains: Granimals, Grape Punch, Lava Cake, Slurricane, Watermelon Kush, Sour Diesel, Double OG


500mg • Full-Spectrum

Sativa • Indica • Hybrid

Available strains: Blue Dream, Granimals, Grape Punch, Jack Flash


1 gram • Full-Spectrum

Sativa • Indica • Hybrid

Available strains: Banjo (Hybrid), Lemonade, NYC Chem Dawg, Orange Creamsicle, Tangie

ABX Strain-Specific Gummies

Introducing new mouthwatering cannabis-infused gummies from AbsoluteXtracts. Made with strain-specific terpene blends, real fruit flavors, and premium THC cannabis oil, these vegan and gluten-free gummies are the perfect way to enhance any occasion.

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