Wolfie x Ancient OG x 24K [1g]

Hash Bone
Hash Infused Pre Roll

The HashBone Wolfie is a beast of an infused pre-roll. One puff might just blow your house down!

This 1G joint is made with 75% top-shelf flower and 25% cold water bubble hash, coated in full-spectrum cannabis oil, then rolled and dusted in hash. More potent and less messy than kief, the outer layer of ice water hash elevates the smoke for a smooth, tasty burn – right down to the last hit.

The HashBone Wolfie features three unique strains, and a one-of-a-kind experience. The inner blend of 75% flower and 25% hash is sativa-dominant Ruby Slippers (Ancient OG x Blue Dream x Chem). Full-spectrum Gorilla Glue oil grounds the strong, cerebral effects of Ruby Slippers, with indica-dominant feelings of heavy relaxation. Cherry Lady (an Afghani strain) is the cherry on top, providing balanced, full-body euphoria. The result of this artisan blend is a profile rich in limonene and beta-caryophyllene – two terpenes best known for their stress relieving properties.

True to each strain, this hybrid HashBone Wolfie boasts harmonious notes of citrus, earthy and spicy flavor. Curated to melt your worries away, the HashBone Wolfie offers high-tolerance patients a truly amazing, happy-go-lucky high.

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