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High Jump

3C Farms

GENETICS: Sour Diesel x NorCal Kush (Original 3C)
AROMA: Sour, Piney, Earthy
EFFECT: Quick Onset, Creative, Focused, Cerebral
STRAIN-MAP: This Strain Will Leave You Shivering With Joy.
CONSPIRACY: In 1946/1947, the US Navy Launched “Operation High Jump.” a mission that involved sending multiple ships to Antarctica. While the official explanation for the expedition was that it was one of exploration and discovery, many wondered why the navy sent so many warships. Admiral Richard Byrd led the expedition, and the notes he took have become the stuff of legend. He claims to have discovered evidence of a secret underground alien base, which led him to propose his “Hollow Earth” theory, which claims the earth’s core is not solid, but instead hollow and inhabited by aliens.
DESCRIPTION: High Jump, a hybrid of Sour Diesel and NorCal Kush, is a powerful strain with a quick onset. It has a very piney aroma, producing a clean smell like a freshly-cleaned cabin. Many have described the high as cerebral and creative, making it a good choice for creative people or those looking to become more creative. So, smoke a bowl and start that novel you’ve been meaning to write.

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