| sativa

Cheese Wreck

THC 80.26%

Our sugar concentrates have a similar consistency to sugar you may find in your home. These concentrates sparkle with nearly pure THCa crystals tossed with strain specific terpenes. By extracting the entire profile of cannabinoids and terpenes in our premium flower, our concentrates have potent effects, flavors, and scents. This refined, Sativa-dominant strain comes from a family of plants known for their complex scents and savory tastes. This strain’s pungent aroma and flavor is a pleasant combination of dried fruit and creamy cheese. As a mood-enhancer, Cheesewreck provides users with energy, sparks of creativity, and a sense of physical relaxation without any sedative effects. This can make Cheesewreck a great choice for when you need to be active and productive.

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