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Bio Jesus

BHO Shatter
THC 86.42%
CBD 0.18%

Best for evening use, this strain packs a powerful relaxing effect, numbing the mind and the body. Ideal for patients looking for physical pain relief or a sleep aid. BIO JESUS combines a strong diesel fuel scent with the smell of a sweet flowered meadow on a summer morning. Its flavor is sweet with hints of diesel.

Terpenes: pinene, caryophyllene
Flavor: Earthy, Chemical
Reported Effects: Relaxed, Hungry

Cresco Rest shatter available in 1g and .5g. A translucent, glass-like concentrate that “shatters” when tapped on a hard surface.
Our shatter always starts with freshly harvested cannabis to maximize cannabinoid and terpene retention and ensure an enjoyable experience every time.

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