RYTHM harnesses the unique qualities of each strain for the full spectrum of mind and body benefits. From the flavor to the feeling, their craft is high-quality cannabis that hits on every note. RYTHM has full-spectrum extracts and cannabinoids. Their extraction methods deliver full spectrum cannabinoids, preserving the full potential benefits of the original plant. Cannabis is so much more than THC. Because RYTHM preserves the full array of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from the original plant, you can enjoy all that cannabis has to offer and its full-spectrum effects, often referred to as the entourage effect, which is that THC has more beneficial therapeutic and medical properties when combined with other compounds than when taking THC alone.

RYTHM terpenes are always strain specific, delivering the nuanced aromas, flavors, and potential effects of each unique strain. Individualized care for every plant ensures optimal potency and peak purity across each and every grow cycle for the highest quality cannabis products.

RYTHM vapes are 100% cannabis with no additives.

RYTHM has a wide selection of flowers, vapes, and cannabis concentrates.


Expertly cultivated and meticulously cured. RYTHM premium flower offers optimal potency, lush aromas, and rich flavors. Their growers are committed to delivering you the highest quality mix of classic and new strains throughout the year, with individualized care given to each and every plant. RYTHM has a selection of indica dominant strains that are soothing and grounding and best used to relax and unwind. RYTHM has a selection of sativa dominant strains that are stimulating and uplifting and are great for socializing. RYTHM also has hybrid strains, which are a mix of sativa and indica strains that are balanced and all-encompassing to take anytime and anyplace.


RYTHM premium vape pens, vape cartridges, and PAX pods use only high quality, full spectrum CO2 oil and 100% strain specific terpenes, for your true to plant experience. Their 100% cannabis vape products are made with the highest quality and purity standards, never contain additives, and are verified by state-approved testing laboratories.

   Vape Pens: Convenient ready-to-use RYTHM CCELL vape pens offer a flavorful, full spectrum experience on the go.

 Vape Cartridges: RYTHM’s flavorful, full spectrum oil combines with premium CCELL hardware for a superior vaping experience.

    • Pairs perfectly with RYTHM’s standard and Palm CCELL 510 batteries.
    • Don’t forget to wrap your vape cartridge with your Strain Sticker – found on outer packaging!
    • Available in 500mg and 1g

Pax Pods: Pax Pods combine RYTHM’s flavorful, full spectrum oil with PAX’s customizable technology.


RYTHM concentrates capture the full depth of the original plant with highly concentrated and terpene-rich offerings across a range of live and cured products.
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