Mary’s Medicinals


Mary’s Medicinals
Mary’s Medicinals are a trustworthy industry leader in high-quality and effective cannabis-derived products.

An alternative to medicine. Not alternative medicine.

Mary’s Medicinals is here to provide patients with a better quality of life through plant-based ingredients and innovations. Merging modern technology with established horticulture practices allows for the easy integration of the therapeutic power of cannabis into one’s daily routine.

Mary’s Medicinals’ Mission

Distilling the wisdom of plants to help people reach the full potential of their bodies, minds and lives.

Mary’s Medicinals expert scientists collaborate with some of the top physicians in their fields to develop innovative cannabis therapies that allow people to take control of their own wellness with highly targeted, results-driven methods. Mary’s Medicinals organic cannabis extract and advanced delivery systems are of the highest quality and standards, which means that they provide the most effective treatment and delivery combined with the best ingredients.

Mary’s Medicinals’ Products

Maximizing the benefits of natural plant nutrients with clean delivery methods.

Mary’s Medicinals varied delivery methods offer a wide array of benefits, such as the elimination of smoking, dose control, continued release, convenience and systemic effects.

Transdermal & Topical

Discover the advantages of topical and transdermal delivery, like the elimination of smoking, dose control, continued release, convenience and systemic effects.

FORMULA Compound 1:1:1

FORMULA Transdermal Patch 3:2:1

Muscle Freeze – 1.5oz

Muscle Freeze – 3oz

Transdermal Compound

Transdermal Patch – CBG

Transdermal Patch – THC Sativa

Transdermal Patch – THCa

Transdermal Patch – CBN

Transdermal Patch – 1:1 CBD:THC

Transdermal Patch – CBD

Transdermal Patch – THC Indica

Transdermal Gel Pen – THC Indica

Transdermal Gel Pen – CBN

Transdermal Gel Pen – CBD

Transdermal Gel Pen – THC Sativa


Mary’s fills its PAX Era Pods with organic, pesticide-free cannabis blends, resulting in the ultimate vape experience.

Distillate Vape Kit

Distillate Vape Carts

PAX ERA Pods Distillate Vape


Explore the many benefits of consumable cannabis. Our concentrated tinctures and coated capsules are great alternatives to transdermal or topical applications.

FORMULA Sublingual Oil 4:4:2:1:1

The Remedy – 1:1 CBD:THC

The Remedy – 1:1 THCa:CBD

The Remedy – CBD 1000mg

The Remedy – CBD 500mg

The Remedy – CBN:CBD

The Remedy – THC 1000mg

Capsules – 10 Pack

Capsules – 30 Pack

Capsules – 5 Pack

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