Kind Tree


Kind Tree

Cannabis for a Kind new world

Kind to the Earth. Kind to the plant.   Kind to each other.   Rich earth, clean water and pure air come together to make Kind Tree a unique and memorable cannabis experience. Their master cultivators are dedicated to producing exceptional cannabis with respect for the Earth and love for the plant.   Their Reserve line of strains are their personal collection of timeless top-shelf strains that are hand-selected to ensure a premium experience. These strains feature rare and unique genetic profiles that are difficult to find.   In comparison, their Select strains are hand-selected to represent the classic strains from our library, being common cannabis strains patients have already grown to love.   Kind Tree’s head grower personally inspects every harvest for plants that exhibit the absolute finest expression of each cultivar, showcasing exceptional plant health, trichome sheen, aroma, color, flavor profile and cannabinoid content.  

Kind Tree Products:



Explore Kind Tree’s personal collection of timeless strains, hand-selected to ensure the finest cannabis experience.  

Premium Flower:

Kind Tree’s expertly cultivated buds, naturally trimmed and minimally processed.  


Your favorite strains rolled tightly into high quality, ready-to-use joints.  

Pre-Ground Flower:

An elevated mix of pre-ground buds, ready to use straight out of the container.    


Expertly extracted to translate the cannabinoid, terpene and flavonoid profiles directly into our vaporizable oils.  

Premium Vapes:

High-quality vaporizable oils, specially developed to deliver the full flavor and complexity of each strain.  

Liquid Live Resin:

Crafted using fresh, frozen harvested flower, preserving the unique profiles of each strain. Ready to vape.  

Distillate Syringe:

Fully activated cannabinoid extract that comes ready to vaporize, drizzle over flower or use in everyday cooking.  

RSO Syringe:

Rich and complex, our RSO is 100% whole plant extracted oil with nothing added or taken away.  
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