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Humboldt Seed Company

Quality is Humboldt Seed Company’s Number One Priority. They Only Breed with the Best of the Best.

Humboldt Seed Company is on a mission to provide high-quality cannabis seeds to customers who want to grow their own cannabis plants.

Founded in 2001 by biologists in Humboldt County, CA, Humboldt Seed Company began breeding for patients under Prop 215. They have since evolved for the recreational market.

In 2018 Humboldt hosted the World’s Largest Phenotype Hunt through a collaborative genetic clone pursuit, teaming with local farm friends Humboldt chose the top percentile clones. They’ve refined the genetics from this effort and have created new original strains giving them a unique variety of coveted strains.

Highest Quality

Humboldt Seed Company guarantees their seeds will perform to their best potential. They continually strive to provide you with the highest quality, for your ultimate satisfaction.

Giving Back

Giving back is very important to Humboldt Seed Company. Humboldt donates to various charities, including those that serve low-income households. They provide access to patients in need.

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds can be great for an experienced grower since each plant yields unique characteristics. After germination, you may get both male and female plants. This strain may also be good for Mother plants as plants produced with Regular seeds are typically hearty and strong. You should consider your growing experience, growing location, target flowering time, and desired amount of yield when selecting this strain.

Feminized Seeds

Humboldt Seed Company breeders have ensured that their feminized seeds are at average 99% percent or more female, and Humboldt Seed Company is the first company to have seeds that are “Certified Feminized” by Leafworks Genomics. According to their research with a team of geneticists at UC Davis, they are identical to Humboldt’s regular seed lines as far as performance goes. Growers should always monitor their plants for male or hermaphroditic traits whether they’re using Feminized Seeds, Regular Seeds, or Clones.

Autoflower Seeds

Autoflowering Cannabis is different from most commonly cultivated “photoperiod” type cannabis in that it does not depend on the length of days vs nights to trigger flowering. Photoperiod strains will begin to flower as the days shorten and nights lengthen in the fall or when an indoor grower switches the light to 12 hours on and 12 hours off. Autoflowering strains are indifferent to light cycles and will produce finished and ready to harvest flowers around 2-3 months after seed germination depending on the strain. Autoflowers still require ample light, water, warmth, and nutrients to grow but they do not base flower timing on light hours like photoperiod types. This can be highly advantageous to growers for many reasons including, faster turnaround, no need to alter light cycle artificially through light deprivation, and harvest planning to avoid inclement fall weather. Through many generations of breeding, Humboldt developed their Autoflower strains to have all the redeeming qualities of our popular photoperiod strains. They hope you enjoy this fairly new development in cannabis breeding!

Feminized Hemp CBD Seeds

All of Humboldt seeds are free of solvents, pesticides, and herbicides. Their seeds are bred by experts on Tribal Trust Land on the Yurok Reservation in Northern California. Their seeds are produced under the provisions of Yurok Law in accordance with an approved USDA Hemp plan. Our seeds are guaranteed to produce at their highest potential.

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