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4/20 – Origins

April 20th, or 4/20, is one of the ‘high’ holidays (pun intended) for many cannabis enthusiasts. With the holiday being here, BEYOND / HELLO is super excited to be celebrating and what better way to celebrate the holiday than by discussing its origin!

According to the lore, the origin of 4/20 has simple beginnings from 5 high school students in California. The group’s code to discuss cannabis was ‘420’ and they happened to partake in cannabis at 4:20 after school activities. One of the group’s leaders, Mark Gravitch, seemed to have a relationship with the band Grateful Dead through his elder sibling. Whenever there was cannabis use, he would remark “420!” which he believes began the use of that term in that specific music community.

As they grew up into adults, the term 420 spread and they were surprised to see and hear others use it as both code and reference to cannabis. The term continued to spread in the community and eventually became a holiday through the use of cannabis culture magazines such as ‘High Times’.

Today, 4/20 has grown from a celebration of consumption to an important day of awareness and draws significant national and regional focus (and press) on both the positive and negative issues intertwined with medical and adult-use programs. 4/20 allows us, as a community, to speak up about expanding patient access, changing incarceration policies, and increasing the overall acceptance of cannabis use as a viable alternative in the medical community.  Many advocates visit their state’s capitol, call local state representatives, educate their local communities, and much more to continue advocating for the use of cannabis on April 20th. Cannabis has been used for many different medical reasons and its history extends much farther back beyond what the United States can offer. 4/20 is an international holiday were many people, patients and those who live in adult-use states alike, can celebrate the therapeutic effects of this amazing plant.

BEYOND / HELLO hopes everyone has a safe day both educating and medicating in terms of medical cannabis.